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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Forex Online Trading - The topics of my forex blog

The focus of this blog is the Forex Market. This forex blog has mainly 2 functions. The first is to keep track of my forex trading and the testing of different forex trading strategies, and the second a useful tool to help learn how to trade forex for those new to this great market. For those new to forex, I plan to keep adding new forex articles, mainly during the weekends when I have time off from my forex trading.

As I said the focus will mainly be on my forex trading and testing different forex trading strategies. I claim no right to the forex trading strategies that will be presented here, because most of them are not even mine, but are found floating on open forex forums.

Besides marking my trades as most of the forex blogs focus on, I will also keep track of several forex trading strategies that I found to the worth the effort. I'll mainly track around 5 different forex trading strategies at a time. Old forex strategies will be abandoned if they prove not profitable, and new ones will be added.

I have 2 forex trading strategies that will monitor and I'm looking around the web and testing new ones to include. So please share your comments as to which forex strategy you want to be included here for evaluation and monitoring. Please also post the link where that forex strategy is located.

The two forex trading strategies are "Woodies CCI System" and "Simple combined brakeout system for eur/usd and gbp/usd by Hans123"

When I have time I will post a brief explanation of the rules of these forex trading strategies, in the meantime click the links and explore.

Besides focusing on forex trading strategies, and a section about learning forex trading, I will also post some forex news that I find important as well as recommend forex books that I found useful.

Good trading and big profits to all and remember have your say about which forex strategy you want to be included. Thanks.


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